Young Historians

Recording Family Memories at the Cranbrook History Centre

The Young Historians activity is being launched as a part of the Cranbrook History Centre’s Family Day 2021 activities.

The program invites families to record their memories of the last year to share with the Cranbrook History Centre’s archives. To do this, families will sit down in the recording booth and record their conversation about their experiences last year. You can tell just one story about an impactful experience that you had, or you can go through questions from our Young Historians Questionnaire to answer together as a family. We will preserve these recordings as a part of our mandate to record and remember Cranbrook and East Kootenay history.

Visit the Museum from 10am-3pm on Saturday February 13th to participate.


The online program offers you the chance to take part in Young Historians right where you are. Read below to learn how to record your own stories for the Young Historians activity: