Group Tours

The Cranbrook History Centre is a favorite stop for large groups and tour buses travelling through the East Kootenay Region.

The Cranbrook History Centre offers two tour group options:

The Trans Canada Tour and Museum

This guided tour transports you back to the late 1920’s to discover how the elite of society traveled in first class luxury.  Included in this tour are the Museum galleries, providing you with a glimpse into the first life forms of the area in the Paleontology gallery and the life of our early settlers in the Cranbrook History Gallery. Take in the Model Train display, activate the display and watch the model trains wind their way through the East Kootenay region.

To finish off your visit, stop in the gift shop for a souvenir of your visit here.

The Trans Canada and Museum Tour with Lunch in the Royal Alexandra Hall

Plan to arrive at the History Centre early and enjoy a catered light lunch in the luxurious Royal Alexandra Hall, then continue on to your Trans Canada train tour and museum visit.

Rates for Group Tours are available by contacting the Cranbrook History Centre by phone or email. Customize your visit by contacting the Business Manager to discuss your groups needs.