Colour in Cranbrook

These free to download colouring pages are the relaxing activity that you need on a rainy day. Get to know the History Centre’s exhibits and collections through art. Each colouring page will take you through a part of local history on display at the museum.

Take a picture of your colouring page and post it to instagram using the hashtag #colourincranbrook and we’ll share it in our stories!

Thanks to generous funding from the Columbia Kootenay Cultural Alliance for their support on this project. With their support the Cranbrook History Centre was able to partner up with local artist, Dean CS Lewis at MysticCreations123, whose vision and artistic talent led to such beautiful creations.

Download Here

The Ancient World of Trilobites
The Age of Steam Travel
Kootenay Elk
Connect the Dino-Dots
Underwater in the Triassic
Junior Paleontologist
Diesel Engine Paint by Numbers
Dancing in the Royal Alexandra Hall Comparison
Cranbrook Ed
Curzon Maze
Elizabeth Lake Paint by Numbers
Clock Tower Connect-the-Dots
Centennial Cranbrook Quilt

Get to know the artist:

Dean CS Lewis is an LGBT+ minority with a disability, who is thankful to live in British Columbia Canada, where there is no shortage of natural beauty. Having easy access to local wildlife and a plethora of scenic wonders lets him draw on his love and knowledge of real-world biology to bring believability to his fantastical worlds and creatures.

His curiosity and love of nature has been a constant inspiration and drives him to create artwork that connects people to the unknown and often misunderstood, aspects of wildlife. He does this in hopes of sparking understanding, preservation, and conservation.

When he is not creating or studying art, he is often found at home with his partner and their many critters – usually deep in a fantasy genre game of one kind or another. As an avid gamer, he has a keen interest in creating art for game companies, particularly for tabletop-based games. 

Find more of Dean’s work at: Mystic Creations 123

You can find more of Dean’s social media here