Trans-Canada Limited Tour (Grade 5-6)

Join the Museum for an exploration of the Trans-Canada Limited Train to learn all about the people who rode and worked on the historic train.

Duration 45 minutes

Location Trans-Canada Train. Not wheelchair accessible.

Core Competencies

✦ Construct arguments defending the significance of individuals/groups, places, events, or developments (significance)

✦ Take stakeholders’ perspectives on issues, developments, or events by making inferences about their beliefs, values, and motivations (perspective)

✦ Make ethical judgments about events, decisions, or actions that consider the conditions of a particular time and place, and assess appropriate ways to respond (ethical judgment)

Big Ideas and Content

✦ G5 Canada’s policies and treatment of minority peoples have negative and positive legacies.

✦ G5 Immigration and multiculturalism continue to shape Canadian society and identity.

✦ G6 Economic self-interest can be a significant cause of conflict among peoples and governments.

First Peoples Principles of Learning

✦ Learning is holistic, reflexive, reflective, experiential, and relational (focused on connectedness, on
reciprocal relationships, and a sense of place).

✦ Learning involves recognizing the consequences of one’s actions.

✦ Learning involves generational roles and responsibilities.

✦ Learning is embedded in memory, history, and story.