Fossil Lab (Science Grades 7 and 8)

During this activity, students get up close and personal with fossils that are up to 500 million years old. They will handle and study a diverse set of fossils and use relative dating as a way of determining the fossils age.

Activity can include a private tour of our Paleontology Exhibition by a local paleontologist to provide more insights into the fossils in our region.

Duration 50 minutes (80 minutes w/ local paleontologist)

Location Ted Fielder Room (paleo exhibit), Royal Alexandra Hall. Wheelchair accessible.

Core Competencies

✦ Use scientific understandings to identify relationships and draw conclusions

✦ Make observations aimed at identifying their own questions about the natural world

✦ Formulate alternative “If…then…” hypotheses based on their questions

Big Ideas

✦ Earth and its climate have changed over geological time – the fossil record provides evidence for changes in biodiversity over geological time.