Latin American Immigration in the Kootenays

Mi nombre es Fernanda Fernández. Soy la Asistente de Programación y Archivos en el Cranbrook History Centre. Actualmente llevo a cabo una investigación sobre inmigración latinoamericana en la región de […]

The People Behind Trains: Two Documentaries

by Fernanda Fernandez     Most of us don’t usually think about railroads today. I can count with one hand the times I have travelled on trains. That has changed […]

Canadian chateaux style: design movement or good marketing?

What would Canada’s version of the Empire State Building, Chrysler Building, or the Breaker mansions might be? We think that railway hotels represent some of our country’s most iconic architecture. Read about Canadian Chateau style in this month’s blog. 

Women’s History Month 2021

As late as the early 1900’s, women did not have voting rights, property rights, or even the right to be considered “persons” by law – a technicality that meant they could not become legislators, coroners, magistrates, jury members, or judges.

Christmas In Cranbrook

As the holiday season approaches, it’s hard to look forward to Christmas 2020 without comparing it to holidays past. As we work together to keep each other safe during the […]

Remembrance Day 2020

We may not be gathering to remember this year, but our veterans will not be forgotten. At the Cranbrook History Centre, we remember all who have served to protect our […]