Latin American Immigration in the Kootenays

Mi nombre es Fernanda Fernández. Soy la Asistente de Programación y Archivos en el Cranbrook History Centre. Actualmente llevo a cabo una investigación sobre inmigración latinoamericana en la región de […]

The People Behind Trains: Two Documentaries

by Fernanda Fernandez     Most of us don’t usually think about railroads today. I can count with one hand the times I have travelled on trains. That has changed […]

Canada’s Boozy History

Canada has had a long and complicated history with alcohol. British Columbia was busy doing business during Canadian and American prohibition.

CHC News: February Edition

The first instalment of CHC News is here! Every other month we will post updates on the goings on at the centre to keep our community up to date on what we are up to.

Take a Seat: Chair Design and History

You might not think too much about the history of the chair you’re sitting on but the materials, values, and styles that came before have all had a major impact on its design and functionality. Learn about the intricacies of chair design and what inspired them through three unique chairs in the History Centre’s collection.

The ‘grand’ achievement of English instrument-making

How long has the piano as we know it been around? A Broadwood piano is more than a good instrument: it represents an important shift in Western music history. The museum is finally giving our historic instrument the care and recognition it deserves.