As a nonprofit, the support we receive through donations allows us to continue to offer events and programs for our community

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When you donate to our Operations you will be supporting the ongoing costs of operating the museum. These include staff wages, utilities and maintenance.


The Archives are the heart of the museum, providing over 100 hours of research to community members every year. The Archives also house thousands of historic objects and documents which help us tell the story of our community.

Heritage Railcar Preservation Building

With the help of our community, Phase 1 of the Heritage Railcar Preservation Building is now complete. With two more phases to fully realize this amazing project we still need your assistance. Learn more about this Project Here.

Programs Support

Support from our community helps to ensure that we can continue providing high quality events to residents of Cranbrook and the East Kootenay.

Field Trip Bursary

Bursary Program coming soon!

Model Railway

The Model Railway is completely maintained and developed by a dedicated volunteer club. The materials required to create the amazing display all come from community donations. Learn more about joining the club Here.

Thank you for your support!