Happy Sam Steele Days!

Happy Sam Steele Days!

Welcome to our virtual scavenger hunt! By playing you can enter to win a special Sam Steele Days Prize. Want to try?

Then follow the steps to play:

1. The Cranbrook History Centre has hidden six Sam Steele Moustaches around our website. Read the clues below to find which of our website’s pages are hiding the secret moustaches.

2. As you find each moustache, you will notice that it is attached to a letter. Write them down!

3. Once you have discovered all the clues, put together the six letters to spell out the winning word!

4. Type the winning word in your web browser using the following format:

http://www.cranbrookhistorycentre.com/_ _ _ _ _ _

Best of Luck to you!

Scavenger Hunt Clues:

Look in the mirror and what do you see? Take a moment to learn about me.

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