Canadian chateaux style: design movement or good marketing?

What would Canada’s version of the Empire State Building, Chrysler Building, or the Breaker mansions might be? We think that railway hotels represent some of our country’s most iconic architecture. Read about Canadian Chateau style in this month’s blog. 

The ‘grand’ achievement of English instrument-making

How long has the piano as we know it been around? A Broadwood piano is more than a good instrument: it represents an important shift in Western music history. The museum is finally giving our historic instrument the care and recognition it deserves.

How Language Gets in the Way

A decades-long supporter of LGBT+ issues in Cranbrook gives us lessons in how everyday language hurts, the real roots of ongoing social issues, and a peek into Cranbrook and area’s Pride history.

Asian Heritage Month

May is Asian Heritage Month in Canada, an opportunity to look back and recognize the role of people of Asian descent in shaping the history of Canada.

Women’s History Month 2021

As late as the early 1900’s, women did not have voting rights, property rights, or even the right to be considered “persons” by law – a technicality that meant they could not become legislators, coroners, magistrates, jury members, or judges.

Thank You, Volunteers

The Cranbrook History Centre is a community that is dedicated to the preservation and celebration of our history as well as providing education and engagement.

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