We have a new roof on our Historic Freight Shed


While our Historic Freight Shed was built by CPR when the railway was established in Cranbrook in 1898, updates have been made over the century to keep the historic building in good condition. Thanks to James Marshall and his great team from ARMOR ROOFING, we now have a new roof on our Historic Freight Shed.



IMG_2826 IMG_2827

This was made possible by the Project Leader, our Board President, Tom Kirk; and funding from the Columbia Basin Trust, the City of Cranbrook and the Cranbrook History Centre. Thank you to everyone who helped keep this historic piece of Cranbrook’s history alive for future generations.

The Freight Shed is home to the main galleries in our museum. Visit the museum and walk through the the historic shed to learn about natural and local history, including our Paelontology Collection and a miniature train model of historic Cranbrook.