Museum History Programs

History Centre School Program

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Guided historic train and museum tours are available for school classes K-7. A variety of activities are planned in an educational as well as enjoyable format that teach children about the area in which we live. Topics include transportation, natural history, paleontology, heritage, and culture. We hope that through the education of our children and youth we can foster the appreciation of heritage and culture as well as the stewardship of the natural resources around them.

Young Historians

Children from the age of 6 to 12 are invited to discover local and regional history. Through storytelling and fun activities our young historians will develop an appreciation for heritage and culture. Please call the History Centre for further details.

Adventures in Palaeontology

Orygmaspis_spinulaLearn about ancient life on earth and the creatures that called this area home. Inspect fossils and other long extinct specimens of ancient life. Participants are encouraged to break open their own sample of Cranbrook area shale to find trilobites hidden inside. Open to all ages “Adventures in Palaeontology” is a fun and educational way to get to know the ancient world around us. Please call the History Centre for further details.