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Birthday Parties

What better way to celebrate your rail fan’s birthday and passion for trains than at the centre?

Three packages are available for up to a maximum of 12 children ($5.00 per additional child). We ask that you supply cake as well as any plates, napkins, forks, or other snacks. There is access to a fridge inside the building.

1. Train Tour & Scavenger Hunt – $70

This package includes a fun guided tour of our Trans Canada Limited set of train cars designed for children. This tour is different from our regular Trans Canada tour as it is based less on information and more on exploring the cars, looking for hidden objects, and learning fun facts about rail travel in 1929. The scavenger hunt portion allows guests to explore the inside of the Cranbrook History Centre including our Model Railroad room while looking for facts and items throughout the building. This scavenger hunt is tailored towards the age group of the party guests. Finally, you can head up to our boardroom for cake, gift opening, and an additional activity.

2. Movie in a Train Car – $100

This package features access to our baggage car for the screening of a movie of your choice, that you provide. We provide one bag of popcorn and a juice box per child. All of your party activities will be taking place within the baggage car including the cake and gift opening. Seating is sleepover style so we do ask that you bring any desired pillows and blankets with you.

3. The Grand Package – $140

This package features everything that is included with parties 1 and 2. However, you can choose if you would like to begin with the tour and scavenger hunt then end with the movie and cake on the train, or if you would like to start with the movie and end with the tour and scavenger hunt with cake in the boardroom.

Guest Lectures

We host lectures and presentations from guests worldwide in the Royal Alexandra Hall. Please contact the event coordinator if you wish to present.

History Centre School Program

The Cranbrook History Centre offers programs for K-12 which include a tour of our historic train cars and a curriculum based scavenger hunt. Further details can be found in the package below:

Full School Program Package

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Grades 8-12

Junior Paleontology Program


Junior Paleontology is an 8 week summer program hosted by the Cranbrook History Centre, made possible by funding from the East Kootenay Chamber of Mines and Canada Summer Jobs. Each class will explore the unique paleontology and geology of the East Kootenay, with fun, hands-on projects for kids to learn about evolution, the environment, and to discover fossils for themselves!

*Due to concerns surrounding COVID-19, spaces will be limited to 12 children per class. Social distancing measures will be in place, as well as frequent hand washing and tool sanitization. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.


New this year! Based on the feedback we received last year, we have created two unique classes tailored to 2 different age groups.




Ages 6-8 Saturdays (July 11-August 29 2020) 10:30am – 11:30am  $7.00

During each session, the kids will participate in an activity that gets them thinking about the animals from the distant past that live where they do today. Then, they will learn some paleontological techniques for digging and discovering fossils. Finally, they will dig for fossils of animals that lived in the East Kootenay region 520 million years ago- Trilobites! They are invited to bring these fossils home to share what they learned with the whole family!

Ages 9-12 Saturdays (July 11 – August 29 2020)  1pm – 2:30pm  $10.00

During each session, the kids will join in an activity to solidify their understanding of evolution, and learn about how trilobites evolved over millions of years. Then, we will train them on paleontological techniques including identifying fossils and preparing them (breaking the rocks). They will use these techniques to find their own trilobite specimens in the shale rock that we provide, which is found in this East Kootenay region. They are invited to bring home the fossils that they discover during the fossil preparation activity.


For more information call us at (250) 489-3918 or e-mail [email protected] Download the registration form below.


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