5 Ways to Experience History this Summer

Looking for engaging and informative activities to do during a summer of social distancing? The Cranbrook History Centre at 57 Van Horne Street has a variety of programs and historical tours available. Some are offered this season while others continue throughout the year! Kids and adults alike can partake in unique experiences through educational programming, historical tourism or museum challenges. Below are five feature favourites from the many options available.

1) The One that Rocks: Junior Paleontology Summer Programs for Kids

Calling all young fossil enthusiasts, dinosaur buffs and paleontologists in-the-making! From the second weekend in July to the end of August, the Cranbrook History Centre’s programming coordinator, Nathalie, and museum educator, Carly, wear new hats as head paleontologists in the newly-extended Junior Paleontology summer program. After four years of operating the program, the dynamic duo dug deeper to design two educational programs that cater to specific age groups. Through paleontological simulations, children can further hone their excavating skills while learning about fossils. Education pairs with play as children partake in outdoor games that allow participants to explore new learning while engaging in the sunny season’s call for fun and enjoyment. The best part: all children leave with a locally-found fossil in-hand!

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