About Junior Paleontology

Ages 6-8 | Saturdays (July 11-August 29 2020) | 10:30am – 11:30am | $7.00

During each session, the kids will participate in an activity that gets them thinking about the animals from the distant past that live where they do today. Then, they will learn some paleontological techniques for digging and discovering fossils. Finally, they will dig for fossils of animals that lived in the East Kootenay region 520 million years ago- Trilobites! They are invited to bring these fossils home to share what they learned with the whole family!

Ages 9-12 | Saturdays (July 11 – August 29 2020) | 1pm – 2:30pm | $10.00

During each session, the kids will join in an activity to solidify their understanding of evolution, and learn about how trilobites evolved over millions of years. Then, we will train them on paleontological techniques including identifying fossils and preparing them (breaking the rocks). They will use these techniques to find their own trilobite specimens in the shale rock that we provide, which is found in this East Kootenay region. They are invited to bring home the fossils that they discover during the fossil preparation activity.

For more information call us at (250) 489-3918 or e-mail [email protected]