August 25th Ed Talk:

Exploring Local Species at Risk and How to Manage Non-Natives in the Columbia Basin

This summer at the Cranbrook History Centre, we are focusing on the theme Lost Cranbrook. On August 4th, Jim Cameron is sharing a talk about a building that was lost due to demolition 50 years ago this summer. On August 25th, we are taking a different perspective on Lost Cranbrook to look at what we are at risk of losing our community.

Join us on Zoom from 6pm – 7pm MT to welcome local environmental educator, Patricia Meldrum. She will be sharing her knowledge about the species at risk in our surrounding Columbia Basin and what actions we can do as citizens to make sure that we don’t lose such valuable and vulnerable species in our local ecosystems.


What? Presentation on Species at Risk in Columbia Basin

Where? Zoom, register to receive link

When? Wednesday August 25th from 6pm-7pm MT

How Much? FREE

From Patricia:

This talk is an opportunity to increase community awareness of species at risk, concerns and biodiversity. I will discuss Citizen Science stewardship techniques used to study research and help scientists and biologists manage data and assist them to further protect and manage each species and it habitats. During my talk, I will help you to recognize similarities and differences between SAR and non-native species, discuss facts, threats and discover how we as a community can take action to support these valuable and vulnerable species in the Basin. You will learn to recognize invasive species and how to stop the spread, and learn what others are doing in the Basin to help species at risk and maintain its habitat.

My talk will also take a look at current conservation translocation practices going on, which are used to recover a species that involves the intentional movement and release of individuals to improve the conservation status of the species, and/or restore natural ecosystem functions or processes in the Columbia Basin. You will find out who currently is breeding and looking after these SAR before translocation, and where you can fit in if you want to volunteer. We will look at who to contact if you find an invasive species, hang up posters to be on the look out for. Creston Valley currently has an invasive amphibian and we do not want it to find its way here. You will also learn about other species that may be vulnerable to extinction through this talk. Together we can help our plants, animals and habitats improve and function like they should without transferring unwanted pests to our area. Tips will include how you can change your pesticide use to be organic with some homemade recipes to try out.

About Our Presenter

Patricia Meldrum is a registered professional applied biological technologist and outdoor educator for SD5. She had the privilege of working with Ktunaxa Nation as a native plant technician, and is well educated in Citizen Science and bio blitz activities. On her own time she surveys and monitors species to further research and enter data into online databases for keeping track of migrations and species at risk population studies.

She has lived in the Kootenays most of her life and have become a naturalist by will. You may have seen Patti at Elizabeth Lake or SD5 doing outdoor workshops for our students here in the Kootenays. She belongs to many organizations that work in finding ways to improve and protect the environment and biodiversity within. Her professional resignation is used for research, teaching biological diversity stewardship practices, surveying, monitoring species and conservation techniques outdoors. She looks forward to another year of finding and exploring more outdoors, connecting children with nature and by teaching ways of respecting our outdoor spaces.

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